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CRISP For Education

(Ctyptocurrency Investment Savings Plan)

Helping you to invest in YOUR education for a brighter tomorrow!


CRISP for Education Statistics

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Current DNotes 3,014 NOTE
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CRISP for Education: A General Overview


CRISP for Education is our newest plan, offering an unstructured plan that helps you to direct your own educational funding strategy using DNOTES as your investment vehicle. You can create and launch your own educational savings plan using any amount of DNOTES you choose, and add to it on a recurring basis as you work toward your goal. All it takes is an account registered at DNotesVault, along with an expansion registration at the CRISP for Education landing page.


About DNotesVault:
DNotesVault is the free DNotes web wallet provided to all DNotes' stakeholders. Coins in the DNotes Vault enjoy the security of being protected by a guaranteed coin match program. Matching coins are held in a separately-located cold storage wallet for maximum security. If the DNotesVault is ever compromised in any way that causes users to lose coins, your lost DNotes get replaced from that guarantee fund. The fund always contains a verified balance that is greater than the total deposit in the DNotesVault.


Saving for Education: How Often Does that Happen?
When your children were born, did you give any thought to saving for their education? If you’re like most parents, that thought probably crossed your mind during the baby years, right?


Saving for future educational needs is always one of those things that is easier talked about than undertaken. You might have the best of intentions, and earnestly desire to see your child have the education fund he or she will need for college or technical school, but intentions and desires can seldom compete with cold, hard reality. And the reality is that life is filled with challenges, and we’re often so busy just keeping up with our obligations that planning for the future takes a back seat to today’s needs.


And then there’s the most basic problem with most savings funds: your investments are often managed by others, or dependent upon advice and counsel that may not be as reliable as you’d like. With the CRISP for Education fund, you don’t have to worry about that type of mismanagement, since you direct your own plan.


Taking Charge of Your Child’s Future
Just consider: with our CRISP plans, you get to have the ultimate say about what you save, and only rely on the market to determine what those savings are valued at 5, 10, 20 or 30 years in the future. There is no simpler or easy to manage plan available anywhere in the market today. You have complete control over when you add DNotes to your fund, and how much you add. The only real restrictions are on withdrawals before your selected “locked in date” expires, but even those can be overcome when necessary.


At DNotes, we understand that digital currency is the future, and we stand ready to help you take your place in that future with sound plans that can help you to achieve your most important goals. If you believe in the future and want to be a part of it, then putting away money for your children’s future educational needs is a great way to take that first step into tomorrow.


DNotes is recognized as the most stable of the more than 500 digital currencies currently occupying the cryptocurrency space, and has been a consistently stable performer when it comes to return on investment. For example, $100 of DNotes bought when the coin first began to be traded in March of 2014 was trading at more than $2,000 by the end of that year. Of course, digital currency value increases at that rate are far from assured, but history indicates that DNotes continues to have the potential to continue to deliver high rates of return. As always, however, it is important to remember that investments with a high potential for strong returns are often associated with a higher degree of risk – so never invest more than you are comfortable losing.


Coins like Bitcoin and DNotes continue to be leaders in the digital currency revolution that is proving to be the greatest source of technological innovation since the advent of the internet. At this point in time, ground floor investors continue to have an unprecedented opportunity for high returns, even with the higher risk associated with those opportunities. Moderation is always advised, and even seasoned investment pros usually allocate only about ten percent of their portfolios to investments in the high risk category. We recommend a similar strategy for you, and urge a moderated approach to your education investment with any CRISP plan.


Getting Started with DNotes:
As noted, the DNotesVault is your free and secure web wallet used to safely store your DNotes. The DNotesVault is not an exchange, and does not buy, sell or trade digital currency, fiat money, or hard assets.


If you are not already engaged in cryptocurrency trading, then your first actions in buying DNotes may take a little time. It is always best to approach the process with the mindset that you would bring to setting up any new bank account at a traditional financial institution. However, like those bank accounts, once your DNotes account is set up, everything else is simple.


Getting Started:

Creating a CRISP for Education account is easy, follow these simple steps to get setup:


1. Log into your DNotesVault account. If you don't already have one, Register here.


2. In the Education tab of your DNotesVault Dashboard click "Create Address" and select your education account options


3. A new Education Account will be created and you will be provided an address to deposit DNotes into at any time.