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CR.I.S.P For Students (Ctyptocurrency Investment Savings Plan)

Investing In Education For Our Future Generations



"Young students today struggle to accumulate revenue generating assets, in large part due to rapidly increasing cost of education saddled with high interest bearing student loans. This means students are not developing good saving habits in early adult life; missing out on many years of compounding interest and capital gains. CRISP for Students by DNotes, is the long term solution."

Timothy Goggin, Director of CRISP for Students.


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CRISP for Students - A General Overview



CRISP for Students is the world's first student-centric, self-directed investment plan. The plan awards students with an introductory crypto-currency account, and gives students first hand experience with the money of the future.


The plan utilizes DNotesVault to release 100 DNotes to willing participants, without requiring them to pay for it. The first 200 accounts to register will be awarded 100 DNotes, and 10 further DNotes each month thereafter, until the account reaches 500. DNotesVault is a web wallet for DNotes that is available to all DNotes's stakeholders at no cost. Funds stored at DNotesVault are insured with a 100% fund match guarantee, held in a separate cold storage wallet that may be publicly verified at any time. In the event that the DNotesVault is compromised and your coins have gone missing, 100% of your lost DNotes will be replaced using the guarantee fund. Additional funds may be added to your DNotesVault account at any time, regardless of the amount. CRISP for Students, together with DNotesVault, puts you in charge of your own money, with no fees payable to anyone.


To receive DNotes, students must ascertain a code from their university or school, who will be given a school-specific code. This code will allow each student to redeem DNotes once, and the code will deactivate once the apportioned number of DNotes are dispensed using that code. When redeeming DNotes, students will be asked for their code, e-mail address, course of study, country of residence and will be offered the opportunity to leave a message for the DNotes team. If a student does not have a code, the student will be prompted with instructions to attain one, that will involve getting their institution of study to contact the DNotes team.


The (future) goal of CRISP for Students, is to get as many DNotes as possible, into the hands of as many people as possible before the currency becomes the pre-eminent digital currency used for global commerce by 2020. This opportunity has potential for significant capital appreciation, and many students might be able to use some of their savings to pay off their student loans and get ahead. DNotes has been the most stable digital currency, with a 1 year chart showing reliable appreciation that has no equal in the cryptocurrency space. $100 invested in DNotes on march 31st 2014, when it was first traded, is worth $2,900 (march 31st 2014). These high potential return investments typically come with associated risk. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose in the case of a total loss.


Bitcoin and DNotes are among the leaders in the new digital currency industry that is expected to be the greatest technology revolution since the internet. This is an early stage or ground floor investment opportunity often associated with high risk for potential high returns. Seasoned investors typically budget no more than 10% of their portfolio in their asset allocation for high risk investments. We strongly recommend that you consider doing the same.


DNotesVault is a secure web wallet to store your DNotes at no cost to stakeholders. DNotesVault does not engage in buying, selling, or exchange any of fiat currency, digital currency or any property.


Buying DNotes safely online may take some time if you're not already involved in cryptocurrency trading. Consider this process like setting up a brand new bank account, in that once you are setup, it is easy to use. Buy DNotes


Getting Started:

Creating a CRISP for Students account is easy, follow these simple steps to begin:


1. Ensure you have a account. If you don't already have one Click Here to Register.


2. Fill out the form below. Be sure to use the same e-mail address that you used to register for your DNotesVault account.


3. 100 DNotes will be sent to your DNotesVault account, viewable in your DNotesVault account dashboard



CRISP for Students Registration




DNotesVault is a secure web wallet to store your DNotes at no cost to stakeholders. DNotesVault does not engage in buying, selling, or exchange any of fiat currency, digital currency or any property. The DNotes team will manually monitor registrations to detect abuse. The DNotes team reserve the right to revoke entries and remove the awarded DNotes from accounts suspected of abuse. The DNotes team also reserves the right to change the number of DNotes awarded for redeeming any individual special code.