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CR.I.S.P For Employees (Ctyptocurrency Investment Savings Plan)

Rewarding Employees by Investing in Their Future


"Employees are struggling to secure their financial futures. This means high stress, anxiety, lower productivity as well as diminishing loyalty that breeds high staff turnover"

Marc Fortenberry, Director of CRISP for Employee Incentive Benefits.



CRISP for Incentive Benefits Statistics

Employers Registered 14
Employees Registered 25



CRISP for Employee Incentive Benefits - A General Overview

The CRISP for Employee Incentive Benefits is the world's first self-directed digital currency employee incentive program. This program provides employers with an opportunity to manage employee performance and their financial future using DNotes - a digital currency that is well respected by its industry peers for stability and reliable appreciation.


DNotes is one of the market leaders in the new digital currency industry; an industry expected to be the greatest technological revolution since the internet. DNotes is a digital currency founded and operated by successful business professionals. DNotes' business plan centers around a strong and educated community, its proven track-record of stability, reliable appreciation, and strategic implementation of core programs.


The CRISP directors are committed to encourage and promote to employers the CRISP for Employee Incentive Benefits, a potentially lucrative investment opportunity in conjunction with CRISP for Retirement. With the ever increasing cost of doing business in the face of mounting regulations and global competition there comes about an urgent need to re-examine the traditional relationship between the employer and the employee. The vast majority of employees today are struggling to secure their own financial future resulting in high stress, low productivity, diminishing loyalty, and high turnover. The old custodian concept of major corporations having a pension plan or a 401K retirement plan to take care of the employee's financial needs upon retirement is rapidly becoming extinct.


Small business owners are not faring any better. Meeting payroll, healthcare, insurance, and withholding tax obligations leave them at risk of having underfunded employee retirement plans. The need to constantly use high interest credit cards to supplement cash flow coupled with high transaction costs, reversed charges, and credit card fraud have continued to put a damper on the employer's ability to support pay raises and facilitate job growth. Wage earners and business owners alike have been affected by declining income and loss of fiat purchasing power worldwide. The CRISP directors believe there has never been a more urgent time to help foster a new mindset to confront these realities for mutual benefits and survival for employees upon retirement.


If you would like the DNotes team to contact your companies HR department, Click Here to fill out our company request form.


Getting Started:


Creating a CRISP for Employee Incentive Benefits account is easy; the employer may follow these simple steps to register an online account:


1. Ensure you have a account for your company. If you don't already have one Click Here to Register.


2. Fill out the online form below. Be sure to use the same e-mail address that you used to register for your DNotesVault account.


3. An employer dashboard will be created which includes a link you may provide to employees to sign up for your company's CRISP for Employee Incentive Benefits program.


4. This dashboard will list all of the employees who have successfully registered. You may send DNotes to any of the employees as you see fit using direct send or timed send from your company's DNotesVault account.